The protection of the wild world of Greece is our main goal. Wild animals are delightful, but their habitats disappear beneath the invasion of civilization and human expansion. For this we try to find the best way to sustainable development and scientifically justified use of renewable resources in these habitats. Thus, they will have greater value as natural values than as a place for the growth of the habitats of Homo sapiens. Through the direct involvement of local people in the exploitation of the goods coming from renewable resources, a natural interest in stopping the destruction of the wildlife habitat is created. Today and now this is their only chance. Any ban on the use of renewable resources leads to a loss of local interest in habitat conservation and catastrophic long-term consequences for nature and ultimately to disappearance of the wild world. Our best ally is knowledge. The more knowledge we have about wildlife, the better we can manage and direct the processes to preserve it. Our present and future task now is to gather this knowledge and share it with the greatest possible circle of people.